Walk On Water

- We don't have to talk about it
if you don't want to. - No.

It actually feels right to talk
about it, especially in Israel.

It's just that... Whenever
I try to talk about it, I...

I don't know. I never find the
right words. I feel...

I don't know...
- This is an interesting way to put out
the campfire. - It is the best way.

They teach it to you in the Boys Scouts.
I told you, you haven't been
drinking enough water.

You don't listen.
That was beautiful. Thank you.
You're very welcome.
Listen, that's an Israeli
female singer for you.

- What's the song about?
- It's a love song, you know...

But what are the words?
Can you translate?

Yes, I can try.
"The two of us are riding in a car,
you tell me it will be a long ride,

"that I can't fall asleep.
"later you tell me
everything that happen.

"I'm not sleeping.
"I'm counting stars
through holes in the blanket.

"And you, with your cigarette in your mouth