Walk On Water

Too many female singers.
- What?

Nothing. I'm just...
You're not... Do you have to report
this? Could you just...

It's okay. There's nothing wrong.
It's not that bad. Go home.

Have a nice weekend.
Rest. Don't worry.
- Look, it's a problem.

The guy's in complete denial.
He's been through a trauma.

It might be risky to send him
on such a complicated job.

Are you saying that
just so you can keep him?

I'll be done with him in 2 days.
It's fine with me. You know what?

Check his results
from today's practice.

I bet he wasn't good.
- I don't know.

I can't give him up. He did a terrific
job with Abu-Ibrahim. I need him.

I can insist he sees Rudy.
I'll convince him he's not just
any shrink, but the chief counsellor.

Am I interrupting? - No. Just asking
when you'll be done with this bullshit.

Just a couple of days more.
Menachem, we need to talk.

Just a second.
Let me finish with Gello. Take this.

Check the extra material
on Himmelmann.

Extra material? I told you
he's dead. What do you want?

Too much desert.
I'll be sitting outside, reading.
Take your time.

- You look different today.
- Different? - Yes.

I don't know, your hair looks...
You said we're going to a fancy
restaurant in Tel Aviv, so I put on some...

- It's nice.
- Thank you.