Walk On Water

Thank you so much for everything.
I had a very interesting vacation.

My pleasure.
This is my address in Berlin. You're more
than welcome if you're ever around.

Thank you. But to tell you the truth,
I've never been to Germany,

and I don't think I'll ever want to go.
Well, if you change your mind.
You tell him.
I feel wrong about it, anyway.

No problem. It should come from me.
I'll keep him busy with Himmelmann.

How long will this Nazi shit continue?
Isn't this thing getting too expensive?

Don't worry, I talked to the boss.
Your ass is covered, I...

Hello, Eyal. Did he catch his plane?
Yes, he's gone.
Could've told me he's homo.

Why does it matter?
- Did you spend two weeks with him?

A real homo-homo?
- No, a half-homo.

Did he have wandering hands?
He try to touch you?

I take it you really had fun.
- I'm not amused at all.

Here's your last disc. I didn't even
listen to it. I'm done with this.

I'm ready for the new operation.
Okay, I'll leave you alone.
I can't believe
you got me mixed up with this crap.

Touring around with...
I mean, I've got nothing against him,

but everyone's started training.
I missed three days already.

Listen! They decided you're not...