Walk On Water

How long will this Nazi shit continue?
Isn't this thing getting too expensive?

Don't worry, I talked to the boss.
Your ass is covered, I...

Hello, Eyal. Did he catch his plane?
Yes, he's gone.
Could've told me he's homo.

Why does it matter?
- Did you spend two weeks with him?

A real homo-homo?
- No, a half-homo.

Did he have wandering hands?
He try to touch you?

I take it you really had fun.
- I'm not amused at all.

Here's your last disc. I didn't even
listen to it. I'm done with this.

I'm ready for the new operation.
Okay, I'll leave you alone.
I can't believe
you got me mixed up with this crap.

Touring around with...
I mean, I've got nothing against him,

but everyone's started training.
I missed three days already.

Listen! They decided you're not...
I told you... I warned you.
What? - I'm sorry. I tried. I told them
you were really good with the Germans.

That you are in great shape.
- Fuck! Those mother!

Who do they think they are?
I started this mission
and I'm supposed to finish it!

What other agent
would do such a clean job?

I... Forget it.
- Don't take it so bad.

There will be other operations...
- I've had enough of you!

Enough of you
and of your stupid Nazi games!