A Lot Like Love

("Semi-Charmed Life"
by Third Eye Blind)

(horn honks)
(girl in back) Awesome.
Hey, does Mom know you drive like that?
Whatever, OK.
Can you get your stuff? I'm missing 90210.

You know, you're lucky you have
all that gear in your mouth,

'cause they're gonna need your teeth
to identify your charred remains.

- Shut up! You're such a dick!
- Bye, Nicole.

- (man)... time apart. That's all.
- (Woman) Where is this coming from?

You can come, all right?
It's not...

Never mind. You don't want me
to come, I'm not coming.

- Fine. Then I want you out. Bye!
- Am I a partner or am I not?

You don't support me.
You don't support me and my band.

I support the band.
I love the band.

Just get in the car.
Don't hurry back.
Come on!
You missed a spot right here.