A Lot Like Love

- Shut up! You're such a dick!
- Bye, Nicole.

- (man)... time apart. That's all.
- (Woman) Where is this coming from?

You can come, all right?
It's not...

Never mind. You don't want me
to come, I'm not coming.

- Fine. Then I want you out. Bye!
- Am I a partner or am I not?

You don't support me.
You don't support me and my band.

I support the band.
I love the band.

Just get in the car.
Don't hurry back.
Come on!
You missed a spot right here.
Can I clear these for you, sir?
Will you be wanting any more peanuts?
I think they have another crate
in the galley.

Oh, dear. All right, then.
I'll just be getting you a towel.

Oh, dear, I'm...
Oh, I'm so sorry.

I'm sorry.
I'm fine, thank you.