Be Cool

It's the only time I gave in in my life.
But sometimes,
you gotta do it the studio way.

What are you talking about?
- Get Lost?
- Yeah.

I thought the first one
was pretty good.

- Get Leo?
- Terrific picture. Terrific!

And you know what else?
It was good.
You know what I'm thinking, Tommy?
I'm thinking of getting out
of the movie business.

Go back to my old job.
- What, being a shylock?
- Yeah.

'Cause at least they're honest
about being dishonest.

Come on. Why would you
wanna leave all this?

See? I'm telling you, this town.
Look, Chil.
You and me, we come out
to Hollywood, sniff the air,

and now look at us, man.
We made it!
And you know why?

'Cause we knew how to hustle a deal.
Yeah, like I got hustled
into doing the sequel.

That sucks.
Do you know that unless
you're willing to use the R rating,

you can only say the F-word once?
- You're kiddin' me.
- No.

You know what I say?
Fuck that.

I'm done.
Before you skate out of the business,
I got a movie for you.
Oh, yeah? What?
About NTL.
What's NTL?
"What's NTL?"
What, are you joking?

- No.
- You're pulling my chain.

Nothing To Lose Records.
Hello. Come on.

It's, like, the indie label.