Be Cool

I'm thinking of getting out
of the movie business.

Go back to my old job.
- What, being a shylock?
- Yeah.

'Cause at least they're honest
about being dishonest.

Come on. Why would you
wanna leave all this?

See? I'm telling you, this town.
Look, Chil.
You and me, we come out
to Hollywood, sniff the air,

and now look at us, man.
We made it!
And you know why?

'Cause we knew how to hustle a deal.
Yeah, like I got hustled
into doing the sequel.

That sucks.
Do you know that unless
you're willing to use the R rating,

you can only say the F-word once?
- You're kiddin' me.
- No.

You know what I say?
Fuck that.

I'm done.
Before you skate out of the business,
I got a movie for you.
Oh, yeah? What?
About NTL.
What's NTL?
"What's NTL?"
What, are you joking?

- No.
- You're pulling my chain.

Nothing To Lose Records.
Hello. Come on.

It's, like, the indie label.
I sign bands, I produce their albums,
I sell the distribution to the majors.

- Now you wanna make movies?
- Yeah! Who doesn't?

All right, can you pitch it
in 25 words or less?

I can do it in one word... Me!
- You?
- Me! Hello! Me!

I couldn't get your mother
to watch that movie.

My life in the music business.
Come on! Gangsta rappers,
the Russian mafia, you know?

All that goddamn payola crap.
This place is
like the wild, wild west, man.

You're dodgin' the bullets,
you're taking the arrows.

And it's got a girl.
There always is.
Her name's Linda Moon.
She plays a girl who wants to
make it big in the biz,

and I am the record mogul
who makes it happen.

Anyway, it's a musical,
and Linda's been trying to get me
on the two-way ever since,

you know, she saw you
on Charlie Rose.

Where you were very smooth,
and found out that I knew you.

I said you would help her out,
and she left you on the list
at the Viper Room

expecting you to show up.
So, Tommy, how's your wife?
- Edie?
- Yeah.

Who gives a shit?
Don't be a buzzkill.