A new case?
The big score? The mother lode?
The one you've been waiting for?

- Humor me.
- Don't I always?

Oh, yeah, that's-
Much obliged. Thank you.

How you feeling, John?
So, what's new?
Bullet shavings from
the assassination attempt on the pope...

...holy-water ampoules
from the River Jordan...

...and- Oh, you'll love this.
- screech beetle from Amityville.

Yeah, it's funny to you, but to the
fallen, that's like nails on a chalkboard.

What is it, exactly, with you and bugs?
I just like them.
Yeah. Who doesn't?
Yeah, easy there, hero.
- That's dragon's breath.
- I thought you couldn't get it anymore.

Yeah, well, I know a guy
who knows a guy.

So, what's the action?
I just pulled a soldier demon
out of a little girl.

Looked like it was trying
to come through.

Yeah, I know how it sounds.
No, we're finger puppets
to them, John...

...not doorways.
They can work us, but they can't
come through onto our plane.

Check the scrolls anyway.
See if there's any precedent.

Sure thing, John.