Ludes? X? What's your poison, lover boy?
- Are you peaking or crying?
- I've had better days, Jake.

- So what happened?
- Hartney hit on me again.

- What did he say?
- Fuck or fail.

That's got a nice ring to it.
Well, I ran out of the office.
I bought myself a few days.

Why don't you report him?
He does this all the time.

- Dean Glick won't do anything.
- Why not?

I'll give you one guess.
Come on, huh?
Fuck. I'll fucking nail both of you, man?
- I didn't call for back up.
- You're welcome.

So, Valerie Gaines, behind the gym...
senior prom.
You guys thought that we were
powdering our noses.

Her nose was up my skirt.
Jake, what's our zip code?
Had you heard that one?
Personally, I found it depressing.
That's just because you weren't there.
Exactly. What year were you born?
Same as you, dumb-ass.
So what's your weirdest family holiday?
Fuck that. We'll be here all night.
What was your weirdest family holiday?
Thanksgiving, a couple years ago.
I was building a ramp
for my mom's wheelchair...

and Father Moore came by to visit.
They were all inside watching football,
Dallas-Tampa game. Dallas lost.