I keep dreaming
I'm banging my head on the wall

but there is no blood,
however much I bang it.

I can't take any more, Carsten.
I want to get out of here.

- I can't take any more.
- Easy does it.

I don't want this.
- Pil, try to calm down.
- I can't.

You can.
Just relax, all right?

Or I'll get chucked out.
Easy now...
People think
this is cream puff country.

The police help ducks
to cross the street.

But prisoners are being
beaten up in our gaols.

There is no point in going to
the courts, a lawyer tells me.

So the dead officer's family
shouldn't mind?

The point is...
that when something
like this happens,

people feel that violence
has suddenly entered society.

Our peaceful little society.
But our society is
already full of violence.

Companies like Bovar
make gun pods for F16s,

that fly off
to kill thousands of people.

We sign WTO treaties that wage
trade wars on millions of poor.

That's also violence.
We have a dead police officer
on the one hand,

and on the other a child in Iraq
who gets leukaemia,

from the enriched uranium
in our warheads.

Two victims of the same war,
a war Denmark is waging.

Thank you.