- I didn't say that!
- That's how it looks.

And I can't defend it.
Of course you can!
Of course you can defend
freedom of speech!

It is not about freedom of speech.
It's about the school's image.

That is precisely what it's about.
I say something and
as a result I am sent on leave.

If that's not about
freedom of speech...

It's about the future of the school.
We don't want the focus

that this talk will attract
from the press.

You're meant to defend me!
And not just brown-nose
a few parents

who're upset about something
they haven't even heard!

There has to be a connection
between what you say in private

and what you say from that chair.
I'm not going on holiday.
Or leave. Forget it.

You have no choice.
You've got to.
Hi, Carsten. Pil's been
transferred to the hospital wing.

- Hospital?
- She tried to cut her wrists.

But she is all right.
No harm done.

But... can I see her?
Do her a favour;
get her to say who the driver was.

Then she'll come out of solitary.
Pil... Pil, you mustn't do this.