Dust to Glory

Weatherman to all checkpoints.
I'm looking for status on 99 Alpha, please,
between Valle de Trinidad and Milling.

They race the clock
in a land that defies time.

Sharing an adventure in a place
where reality is on holiday.

It's the most beautiful place in the world.
It's the most scary place in the world.

And it's the most
desolate, quiet place.

You love it, you hate it, you love it,
you hate it, you love it, you hate it.

You don't wanna be there,
you wanna be there.

It's like a girl that breaks your heart.
"I hate you, I never
wanna see you again.

I'm sorry.
Can I come over?"

You look up at the stars
and there's no smog.

You smell the ocean breeze,
you hear the birds.

You hear the whales,
you hear the seals.

I think Baja gives you
that opportunity to feel that,

to get closer to something
that's more instinctual.

It's difficult to put into words
because it's an emotion.

That's what Baja is,
something you feel.

What do you call a race where
anybody with any vehicle can enter.

A race where 200.000 spectators
come but no one pays admission.

A race that takes 32 hours
for 1.200 people

to battle 1.000 merciless miles
for a million different reasons?

Call it the Tecate Score Baja 1000.
Someone asked Parnelli Jones,
and he said it's like being
in a 24-hour plane crash.

'Cause the 1000,
so much can go on.

Think about what happens,
you know, in the Daytona 500.