Ethan Mao

Give me a call back
when you get a chance

I'll talk to you later. Okay, bye
I thought you and Vicky broke up
I mean she's so far away
You need a girlfriend here
Besides I think you can do
much better than her

It's Vicky!
Go ahead
Hello, how're you doing, baby?
I'm cool, just hanging with
my folks right now

We cancelled the trip and
decided to stay home

So... you're having a good
Thanksgiving with your aunt?

Cool. Well I just call
to say I love you

Okay, I'll talk to you later
Bye. Thanks
She isn't home this Thanksgiving?
No... she's in Boston with her aunt
I'm actually going to
go out there next year

You're not going out there
You know what, Mom?
I'm twenty years old now

I can get up and walk right now
so don't push me

Oh really? And how're you going
to support yourself?

You've never had a job
Not one in your entire life
Watch me
Oh, go ahead
You just go ahead and
leave me here to rot

I'm going to play video games
Is that cool?

All right
You use these to use
your special skills

Like that?
And you press these two buttons
for your back flip

Hey. Mind if I join you guys?