Fantastic Four

Reed, you should know those solar winds
have been picking up speed.

I factored them into my coordinates.
Right, of course you did. In theory.
It's a little different once you're out there.
- I can assure you I...
- When are we leaving?

I'll be scheduling the launch...
so you can call me in the morning
for resources and crew.

- I think I remember the number.
- It's been changed.

As far as crew, I was hoping
Ben could pilot the mission.

We already have a pilot on our payroll,
but you're welcome to ride shotgun.

Remember my brother, Johnny?
Can't do it. Cannot do it.
External SRBs, orbital system engines,
it's just like the shuttle you flew.

No! I cannot take orders
from the underwear model.

- Come on now, Ben.
- That wingnut washed out of NASA...

for sneaking two Victoria's Secret
wannabes into a flight simulator.

Youthful high spirits.
They crashed it into a wall.
A flight simulator.

When have I ever asked you
to do something...

you absolutely said you could not do?
Five times.
- I had it at four.
- Well, this makes five.

Attention, all personnel.
Commencing launch sequence
in six hours.

I miss you already, Debs.
Captain on the bridge!
Digital camera: $254. Memory stick: $59.
The look on your hard-ass
former CO's face...

when he finds out he's your junior officer:
Thank you. That's so sweet.
I can handle the ship.
I can even handle Mr. Blond Ambition.