Fantastic Four

ETA until cosmic event: Nine hours.
If you're good, maybe next time
Daddy'll let you drive.

You keep talking
and there won't be a next time.

Long way from the projection booth
at the Hayden Planetarium, isn't it?

Yes. Yes, it is.
We can monitor the cloud's approach
and observe the tests from here.

Is it safe?
The shields on the station
should protect us.

What's the matter, Ben?
Getting paranoid in your old age?

Let's start loading those samples.
Get your suit ready, Ben.

So I see you're still doing
all the heavy lifting.

Maybe you should have stayed in the lab.
Fieldwork never suited you.

He does the talking, I do the walking.
Got it?

So take a walk, Ben.
Actually, if you'll all excuse me,
I need to borrow Susan for a moment.

Please tell me your guy's not trying
to rekindle things with my sister again.

Of course not. It's strictly business.
Yes, well, his eyes say differently,
don't they?

Two hearts got busted last time.
Maybe she's not over it, either.

Wow, Dr. Phil, that's deep.
Let's think about that.

You got Victor, more money than God,
stud of the year.

And you got Reed, world's dumbest smart
guy, worth less than a postage stamp.

That's a real toss-up.
Don't trouble your tiny little mind.
Don't wander off now, boy.
Securing airlock chamber.