Fantastic Four

Which one of you is the leader?
That would be me.
No, seriously.
Okay, son. You're on.
During our recent mission
to the Von Doom space station...

we were exposed to
as yet unidentified radioactive energy.

- What happened on the bridge?
- How can you stretch?

- Were you really on fire?
- Is it true you can fly?

Yeah, I'm working on it.
It's actually really difficult.

No, actually, we do not know
much more than you do at this point.

Sir, Larry King just cancelled.
Apparently, there's a bigger story.
Actually, here they come now.
You had to see it to believe it, folks.

- The man...
... named The Fantastic Four...

We'll be going directly to our lab
to diagnose our symptoms.

Symptoms? Is this some kind of disease?
No. It's not a disease.
If having special powers is a disease,
then, yeah, we got it bad.

Excuse me,
that thing doesn't look so fantastic.

Ben Grimm is a genuine American hero.
What he means is,
every team needs a mascot.

A new day is dawning.
The day of The Fantastic Four.

We went up to space
to find a way to understand DNA...

cure disease, save lives.
Well, now it's our DNA, our disease,
our lives on the line.

Thank you. No more questions.
This is how you turn things around?
These freaks on the front page?
Your company's in the obituaries?

I was planning to use the publicity.
The board's in agreement,
the bank's lost enough already.

- Wait a minute.
- It's too late, Victor.

Do you know how much money
I've invested in this company?

Victor, stop.
This isn't a negotiation. It's a notification.
We're pulling out.