What would you do?
If someone was shot
by that arrow,

you'd swiftly take it out
and suck out the poison

if you want to save him, right?
But someone once said,
Finding out who shot
the arrow is more important.

People agreed and looked for
him while neglecting
the wounded.

what do you think happened
to the poisoned man?

Right now,
this whole country is the
same as that poisoned man.

But all the high statesmen,
who are also like the trash
that came to my feast,

are blabbering how they'll
save our country.

They're just casually
arguing over

where the arrow came from
in front of the dying man.
I think I left
a difficult job to you.

It worries me all the time.
Namsoon, in my opinion,
whether he steals
an apple or a chicken,

a thief is a thief.
Whether the person's
young, old, a man, woman,
or pretty-Iooking
like a gigolo,

if they've done bad things,
then they're a bad person.