Ice Princess

Whoa, yeah.
Definitely spy code.
- What are you doing here?
- You know her?

She's a science geek.
Look, I'm sorry, but when the C.I.A.
Wants to learn new dirty tricks,

they observe skaters
and their moms.

- Tina, can I have a word?
- Frank, not now.

I want to digitize
some images into my computer

to see if any kind of
unified theory emerges.

Okay, if Gen knows you
and you wanna

press your nose up against the glass
and take a few notes,

I don't really care.
But you'll have a hard sell
with the parents.

Absolutely not.
But no one outside of the scholarship
committee will ever see this program.

Here's the letter from my teacher
explaining the assignment.

And my driver's license.
Um... I've also got some letters of
references from people I baby-sat for.

Let's keep it moving, girls.
It's possible. We'll have the Team Nikki
legal team check this out.

- Beautiful, sweetie.
- Thanks, Mom!

No talking to my daughter.
She's training.

No distraction.
Not a word. No.
Look, I don't care if you're here.
If you post me on the school website
falling on my butt,

you'd better transfer to another school.
Okay, Nikki.
Let's try that again.

Keep it moving.
A little wider, that's it.
Hey! No street shoes on the ice!
I'm sorry... Sorry.