Ice Princess

And my driver's license.
Um... I've also got some letters of
references from people I baby-sat for.

Let's keep it moving, girls.
It's possible. We'll have the Team Nikki
legal team check this out.

- Beautiful, sweetie.
- Thanks, Mom!

No talking to my daughter.
She's training.

No distraction.
Not a word. No.
Look, I don't care if you're here.
If you post me on the school website
falling on my butt,

you'd better transfer to another school.
Okay, Nikki.
Let's try that again.

Keep it moving.
A little wider, that's it.
Hey! No street shoes on the ice!
I'm sorry... Sorry.
Hello, hon.
Gen! Brian, she's training.
You know the rules.

- I brought her a burger, Mrs. H.
- Gen can't eat that.

- Come on, I'm burning tons of calories.
- Not enough.

- A half-hour?
- Not if you wanna win.

You should coach our basketball team.
We could use a kick in the butt.

If you don't leave this instant,
that's exactly what you'll get.

I do not want him coming here
during practice.

But I never get to see him.
Every other girl I know...