Ice Princess

Um... sure.
Beef patty.
Squish it till it's dry. No bun.

- Salad for me.
- Coming up.

Just iceberg lettuce, half a cup
of garbanzos and a lemon wedge.

Oh, and a quarter cup of cheese.
Ooh, cheese!
It's Saturday.
I can pig out if I want to.

I don't know what's wrong.
I'm popping my Lutz.

It's all that cheese.
Would you shut up?
I've gotta focus. I heard
Zoey Bloch's been sticking a quad.

That is a rumor.
Which she probably started herself.

Early in the season
for stupid head games.

- Not for Zoey.
- Food's ready!

That is way more than a quarter cup.
Um... It's $1.65,
$2.35 and $3.35.
That's $ 7.30. Or if you split it
the other way, it's $1.75 and $5.55.

Whoa. You can keep it all
if you just stop doing that.

You're welcome.
All right, everybody.
Welcome to our Snowplow Sam class.

Let's line up.
Lookin' good.
Class, can you tell our assistant
the most important rule for this class?

- Mom...
- Never be late.

Right. We have a lot to do
if we are going to be ready
for our recital in August.

We are going to work on our toe loop.
Our Lutz.
But first, all of you
have to get comfortable