Ice Princess

Whoa. You can keep it all
if you just stop doing that.

You're welcome.
All right, everybody.
Welcome to our Snowplow Sam class.

Let's line up.
Lookin' good.
Class, can you tell our assistant
the most important rule for this class?

- Mom...
- Never be late.

Right. We have a lot to do
if we are going to be ready
for our recital in August.

We are going to work on our toe loop.
Our Lutz.
But first, all of you
have to get comfortable

with throwing your bodies into the air.
Casey, you're the physics whiz.
What's that rule about what goes up?
it's that every particle attracts...

Must come down.
This... is your new best friend.
Oh! Oh...
Look, could you try not to, like,
squish me?

I'm sorry.
Casey. Pull your arms in tighter.
They're throwing you off balance.

- Arms in.
- Okay.

Now try that about 5,000 more times.
- Right.
- Push over on your right leg.

Don't look at your feet.
Look straight ahead.