Ice Princess

- So you skate, huh?
- Figure, uh... skate.

- Figure skate.
- Oh.

I wouldn't let the rest of the team
hear this but

you guys could probably
skate circles around us.

But not pushing a puck.
Why don't you come to our next game?
Go! Go! Go!
- Uh-oh.
- What?

Well, assuming his weight
to be about 150lbs,

at that rate of descent, his
estimated trajectory would bring him...

...directly through the window.
I mean, it's a simple
V times M equals A miscalculation.

You know, velocity times momentum
equals acceleration.

Yeah, I have to, um...
Yeah, later.
Do you know who that was?
- That was Kyle Dayton.
- Way hot.

Word of advice.
Don't ever speak again.

When I get nervous,
I kind of babble a little.

It's like this gear gets loose
in my head.

Like those Planck diagrams, where...
You're doing that babbling thing again.
I think babbling is cool.
Come on, Casey.
So you're Gen's cover tonight, huh?
It's usually my job.

She could've warned me
we were going to a party.

You know,
my sister has her own problems.

- Your sister?
- Yeah.

- You're Tina's son?
- Is that so hard to believe?

No, no, wow, I just, um...