Ice Princess

Yeah, later.
Do you know who that was?
- That was Kyle Dayton.
- Way hot.

Word of advice.
Don't ever speak again.

When I get nervous,
I kind of babble a little.

It's like this gear gets loose
in my head.

Like those Planck diagrams, where...
You're doing that babbling thing again.
I think babbling is cool.
Come on, Casey.
So you're Gen's cover tonight, huh?
It's usually my job.

She could've warned me
we were going to a party.

You know,
my sister has her own problems.

- Your sister?
- Yeah.

- You're Tina's son?
- Is that so hard to believe?

No, no, wow, I just, um...
- I just thought...
- I was the help?

I mean, I kinda am.
Gen skates and I fix stuff.

Well, most stuff.
An object is only as strong
as its weakest point.

Right, so...
Tell me about, um...
...fixing stuff.
Well, I mean the rink
was a pit when my mom bought it.

Mostly with her divorce money.
I helped bring it back.
I did the repair work, the painting...

The Zamboni.
That was my favorite part.

So, um, for you it's the science stuff?
Um... right.