Ice Princess

Don't engage, Gennifer.
You should know better than that.

Zoey, come on.
- Imagine you are in...
- A bubble. I know, Mom.

- Remember, don't...
- Deviate from my program.

Even if you do nothing but fall,
it's not...

Even an option. I know, Mom.
Look at me.
So you're the one
trying to make it without a coach.

I just wanted to wish you luck. It's not
easy going out there your first time.

You just gotta keep focused.
And be impressive.
Set the groundwork for next year.

- Next year?
- No way are you gonna place this year.

The judges have already
ranked this thing in their minds.

Nice skates.
Hey, come on.
It's just another
classic psych-out.

It's the old, "You've already lost
so why bother trying?"

Come on.
Don't get offended.
Just one little question.

Haven't you heard of eyeliner?
Not yet. Casey!
Stop. Not yet.
I really appreciate the effort, but I
don't think there's a lot to work with.

- I'm...
- You're hot.

But stay away from Brian. He's mine.
Teddy you can have.
Oh, um, but I don't...
You know, I may not be as smart
as you are, but I'm not an idiot.

Ladies and gentlemen,
welcome to the 54th Annual

New England Regional
Figure Skating Competition.

Our first skater
for the short program

is Zoey Bloch
from Worcester, Massachusetts.