Indringer, De

Do I look as if I've got a reason
for hiding myself away?

I don't know.
I quit my job.
Too many problems.

Always on the road. Lots of stress.
I hope to get some peace and quiet here.

And there's only me, so...
What about you?
Do you do this all by yourself?

Since my husband died
three years ago, yes.

Sorry to hear that.
No. What about you?
- I've got a daughter.

She's with her mother?
Sorry. Forgive me.
I've got to go and collect
some customers from the other end.

Otherwise they won't get back.
I have to turn the trolleys round.

There's only one track.
4 km there, turn the trolley, 4 km back.

Can I ask you something?
Could you...

I'd rather not take you back.
Too many eyes watching?
You don't know how scared I was.
I thought you weren't coming back.

I'm a bit late, that's all.
- It doesn't matter. It doesn't.

I really don't mean to keep tabs on you.
- Yeah, yeah.

He saw the baptism of a hunter
and got the fright of his life.

When you shoot your first animal,
they rub its blood over you as a reward.

It's tradition here.
Have some more.
The place is awash with snails.

Eh, darling?
No, thanks.
A sales rep who doesn't drink?