Into the Blue

No, this is an American ship.
Here it is, right here.
"Sic semper tyrannis:
Thus ever to tyrants."

You were close.
"The motto of Virginia...

...said to have been shouted
by John Wilkes Booth...

...after he had assassinated
Abraham Lincoln in 1865."

Jared. Check this out.
Doesn't that look like a map
of New Providence?

- That's this island, right?
- Yeah.

Silver powder horn.
- Silver horn and two silver guns.
- What?

"Later they confirmed it was
the slave-pirate...

:34:34 the silver horn and two
silver guns he was never without."

And this was his, right here.
- Whose?
- Tillman Thorp's.

- The runaway slave turned pirate.
- He was crazy. He ran the Everglades.

He and his crew were gnarly.
They ate alligators, drank lead...

...pissed musket balls, gave the
Confederates hell. It was like revenge.

He just worked them.
So this is Snoop Dogg Silver.
These are the homies
over here, chilling.

- Look at that guy drinking a 40.
- Chilling?

Chilling. Yeah.
So, what do you think we got?
Some Confederate flags and old
Skynyrd tapes down there or what?

No, I don't think we found his ship.
I think we found the Zephyr.

- Yeah?
- Yeah.

The Zephyr was a clipper ship
owned by this wealthy...

...French trader, lived in New Orleans.
The war broke out, and he freaked out.

He takes his ship, family,
throws them onboard.

His antiques, valuables, gold, silver,
whatever he's got, onboard.

They try to make a beeline
for France.

Okay, but Mr. Two Guns and a Horn
here screws up his itinerary, right?

The ship wasn't all he took. He also
took the Frenchman's daughter.

- He kidnapped her?
- No. She ran away with him.

Long after the ship was sunk...
...they were spotted living together
in Eleuthera.

Oh, my God, this is a fairy tale.
They knew the French
would catch up...

:35:46 they sunk the ship
to throw them off their trail.

Right. Gave up the gold for a girl.
Stop kissing.
First of all, it's disgusting.

Stop kissing. No self-respecting pirate
would do that, okay?