Just Like Heaven

- Not really there, Jack.
- Right. Right. OK.

So when you saw this woman,
were you drunk?

I mean, I had a little buzz.
Dave, don't lie to me,
it doesn't help.

OK, fine, I was wasted.
But still, I shouldn't be seeing
some little blonde control freak

running around my apartment.
Why are you writing this down?
This isn't a session.

That's insulting, OK? I'm your friend
Jack here, I'm not charging you.

But if this thing rolls
into a second hour

we're gonna have to work out
some kind of deal. I'm kidding.

So, hold on a second.
You were drunk,

- you saw this blonde, controlling...
- I gotta stop drinkin'.

- No.
- No?

Yeah, drink, party.
Just do it with other people.

God gave us alcohol
as a social lubricant.

Make men brave,
make women loose.

What is that,
some Berkeley shrink thing?

No. Look around you, OK?
See this? This is the world.
Join it.
Stop swimming around
in your own mind.

That is a dangerous neighborhood
you should not go into alone.

Come on, Dave.
It's been two years, man.

No more hiding out.
Absolutely not.
- Are you insane? What are you doing?
- Oh, God, what is this?