Kicking and Screaming

Now look,
I came up with this myself,
look at this.

I'm Buck Weston.
And he's got balls!

Pretty good, huh?
What do you think?

I think this is
your best commercial yet.

It was pretty good.
Gripping. Gripping.
[machine humming]

Stay away from that, okay?
Here we go again.
Hey, Ditka!
Will you knock it off?

Hey, knock it off,
would you?

Hey, do that later,
would you, please?

I got company!
[humming stops]
Doing my lawn.
Look, we're trying to have
a nice family gathering,
all right?

I'm trying to get
my yard cleaned.

You're messing up my yard.
Let me-- Let me ask you.

The world's gotta stop
'cause you got
a family gathering?

I'm trying to do my lawn!
Yeah, but you put all your--

Hey, stay out of this.
It's between us, okay?

Here, take some of this back,
'cause I don't want it.

Hey! Knock it off!
It's all for you!

You're nuts!
Guys, guys!

How do you like that, Ditka?
Take it back.
Here, you get
the whole thing!

We'll settle this later,

Yeah, you know
where to find me!

Yeah, exactly.
I got this for you, too!
Get out of here!

Phil, come on.

What are you lookin' at?
Dad, he hit me.
He hit me with the ball.

Hey, Dad, what happened
to all your fish?

That one ate the others.
I call him "Killer."

I like it.
You might wanna
clean the water
every now and then.

Let's see what you can do.
Hey, Dad,
I didn't know if...

I wanted to
talk to you about Sam.

Sammy's a good boy.
Yeah. Yeah.
He hasn't been
playing much lately
and, I didn't know if--

Stop right there.
I agree with you.

And I got some
great news.

He's gonna get
a lot more
playing time now.

Dad, thanks,
that's--that's exactly
what I wanted to hear.

I traded him
to the Tigers.

[glass shattering]
Ooh, hey!

You traded
your own grandson?

Well, I didn't actually
get anything for him.

You know that cost $400?
I can't believe it.
W-What, you
calling me a liar?
I'll show you the receipt.

No, l-I'm talking
about Sam!

W-Why didn't you
just play him more?

He is going to
play more, Philly--

Yeah, for another team!
You--You--You care
about winning that much?