Mad Hot Ballroom

I really would love not to be involved
in this process because...

I mean, they're all my kids
and, just, I don't want to choose favorites.

I don't want to pick one over the other
'cause I don't want to hurt anyone.

I wish all the kids could just pair up
and compete in ballroom dancing.

That would be the best way.
I need to turn around right now.

I hear a lot of whispering.
Just a couple more minutes.
I see them turning into...
I'm gonna cry...
Then I see them turning
into, like, these ladies and gentlemen.

Got it?
Rock and roll, babe.
It's fun being 10.
'Cause when you 10, you like to play more...
be children again. Still be children...
and everything, have fun playing.
Something that scares me about my age...
is that, like, the body that I have...
every time there's drunk people there,
and I pass with my mother...

they look at me very weird.
And I get kind of scared...

'cause there's some drunk men,
they could do anything to you.

Especially girls that they never know...
they could be older and they have already
their body shaped.