Me and You and Everyone We Know

When me and Pam
were first in love...

we hated to be apart,
even for an hour.

Oh, yeah.
I had something like that once.

- A real fuck-a-thon.
- We just slept.

We loved to sleep
when it was time to sleep.

Not sex.
I mean, we had sex...
but what we really loved
was to sleep like babies all day long.

That sounds perfect.
I don't want to have to do
this living.

I just walk around.
I want to be swept off my feet,
you know?

I want my children
to have magical powers.

I am prepared for amazing things
to happen. I can handle it.

Guess who's joining the Olympics?
- Guess who's joining the Olympics?
- Who?

- Me.
- Really?

- How is the love of my life?
- Can I borrow this?

Of course.
Which one is that?

Ohh. My granddaughter
and her boyfriend who won't marry her...

are going to become art.