Me and You and Everyone We Know

- Guess who's joining the Olympics?
- Who?

- Me.
- Really?

- How is the love of my life?
- Can I borrow this?

Of course.
Which one is that?

Ohh. My granddaughter
and her boyfriend who won't marry her...

are going to become art.
That's a limited access floor.
You need a swipe card.

Oh. I'll just get off on two then.
You want the offices?
- Actually, are you Nancy Herrington?
- Yes.

Okay. 'Cause I wanted
to show you my art.

I brought this tape
I thought we could watch.

Okay. Why don't
you send it to this address.

Oh, but that's here.
Can't I just hand it to you?
It'll get lost.
It's better if you send it.

But I'm so close.
Okay. Do I need
the thing to get out?

Oh, great, you're here.
Let's go down.