Me and You and Everyone We Know

That's a limited access floor.
You need a swipe card.

Oh. I'll just get off on two then.
You want the offices?
- Actually, are you Nancy Herrington?
- Yes.

Okay. 'Cause I wanted
to show you my art.

I brought this tape
I thought we could watch.

Okay. Why don't
you send it to this address.

Oh, but that's here.
Can't I just hand it to you?
It'll get lost.
It's better if you send it.

But I'm so close.
Okay. Do I need
the thing to get out?

Oh, great, you're here.
Let's go down.

Look at this.
Wow, that's amazing.
Were you able to talk to Patrick
about the maintenance?

Yeah, we spoke this morning.
Well, it really is amazing.
It just looks so real.

Like this wrapper. It looks like
a real hamburger wrapper.

- Oh, that wrapper is real.
- What?

Yeah. I always throw in
a few real things.

Kind of cast a glow
over the plaster objects.

You know, kind of
bump it all up a notch.

Did you do this at the MoMA show?
Were there real things
in that show, or-

Oh, yeah. Course.
This is mine. You got it
from the staff kitchen.

No, I made that.