Me and You and Everyone We Know

But I'm trying to change.!
All right.
This song is for you,
and, yes, it is a love song.

Hi, Nancy Herrington.
So this morning, if you remember,
you had asked me to send you my work.

And that was it, what you just
watched. Did you love it?

I'm just kidding.
I can see why you don't do this
face to face. It can be very awkward.

And then you'd say...
"Hi. How was your day?"
Oh, me? I had a really
weird day, actually.

And now I'm here...
alone in my apartment.
You're probably in your big house...
with your family...
and your dog.

And probably your dog
has a family too.

You're probably all gathered
around the fire singing carols...

even though it isn't Christmas.
Just for fun.
You will never, ever see this...
because you'll never watch
this far on the tape.

You'll probably never
even watch the tape, will you?

I could do anything right now.
If you are watching this...
then just call this number, okay?