I mean, as if we would
deny anyone freedom!

Look. You see?
That's Pablo Iglesias,
and that's Lenin.

The other one is
Don Alejandro Lerroux.

Could you want more freedom?
Come this way.
Par ici, par ici.
Par ici.
Your room, monsieur.
Your friend told you the price.

15 new francs per day, including
petit dejeuner. DÂ’accord?

-Yes, d'accord, but...
-Charmant, isn't it?

It's interior,
but that doesn't matter.

I guess you'll be in the street
all day. Oh, Paris.

-Well, I...
-The air is very pure here.

In the morning
there are birds singing.

Not to mention
the butterflies that land on
the flowers on the curtains!

-This way.
-Well, actually...

Par ici.
Le cabinet de toilette,
avec douche,

hot water, naturellement.
Le cabinet is just for us.
The woman upstairs, an American
painter from Ohio, has her own,

and so do those downstairs.
That's Le Diable and his family.
Tu connais le Diable?