Paradise Now

-I still fixing it . It's needed a time.
- it's okay , but it still inclined .

Don't worry
I'll check it out right now.

What's the hell you're saying?
I'm saying it still inclined.

- I don't see that.
- what do you mean? I'm blind?

No, maybe you're wrong
The eye deceives sometimes.

No pal. My eyes are 100%
And in good state.

The bumper is good.
Damnt! I'm telling you, it's inclined
Can't you see?

That's not right.
Call Abu Salem,
And let him see how is it still inclined.

- what?
- like the ...

No it's not inclined.
Your eyes that are incline

What are you saying?
You are right like a ruler.
Ok call Abu Salem.
And you'll see.

Ok. We will bring the level tool.
And now! Who his eyes are inclining?
No baby. Yours still incline.
Watch? The ground isn't straight
But the bumper is

You think me idiot?
I'm seeing it, it's inclining

If the ground and bumper incline in the same degree
That's mean the bumper is straight

Where is Abu Salem? I want to talk to him.
Can't you understand? Abu Salem isn't here.
But we can handle it.

Can't you hear me?
I want to talk to Abu Salem!

This bumper must change it, it's inclined
- Which side is incline?
- the right side.

Oh! You were right it's inclining
You know how I suffered till I employed you here
What the hell you're doing?

Talk! Why you are silent?
Sa'ed is not involved, I did that by myself.
God help me to make your life misery
Alsalam alekom
(means hello)

Hey Suha
How are you? , Long time no see

The life has a lot of surprise.
From where have I to begin?

- Is my car ready?
- of course!

It's needed a little thing to do!
Sa'ed, go bring it.
Wait, Khaled.