Paradise Now

Where is Abu Salem? I want to talk to him.
Can't you understand? Abu Salem isn't here.
But we can handle it.

Can't you hear me?
I want to talk to Abu Salem!

This bumper must change it, it's inclined
- Which side is incline?
- the right side.

Oh! You were right it's inclining
You know how I suffered till I employed you here
What the hell you're doing?

Talk! Why you are silent?
Sa'ed is not involved, I did that by myself.
God help me to make your life misery
Alsalam alekom
(means hello)

Hey Suha
How are you? , Long time no see

The life has a lot of surprise.
From where have I to begin?

- Is my car ready?
- of course!

It's needed a little thing to do!
Sa'ed, go bring it.
Wait, Khaled.
We haven't finish yet!
Why do you need for this car?
Buy a new one, can benefit you at snow season

I like the old fashion. It's more suit to me.
There is the Alfa Romeo type... its suit to you too!
Do you think so? Alfa?
I haven't see a lot of them in West bank

Arabs don't like it. Because it's spare parts
Aren't available. So that it's expensive

You can say that, that type of cars doesn't care to me
But you know what its name very beautiful
Alfa Romeo...
I was thinking to come tomorrow to take it
Checkpoint is closed today
Any problem with that?

- No.there is not
- Don't mock from my dialect Sa'ed!

I was born in France
And raised up in Morocco.

And you know that I'm a new emigrant here
- Welcome .
- thanks , may I see you tomorrow

If God wants that.