Paradise Now

Alsalam Alekom.
Walekom Alsalam
(means hello)

What's up? - Fine
- as usual one bean plate.

- Where are you man . Long time no see
- Here I am.

You know what! In Sweden all the cars
Stop at the traffic light.

None of them cross the roads, as he wants
But they got highest rate of suicides in the world.
What do you think they lacking of?
What the related between this and that?
They are nuts.
They got an ugly Queen! Never seen one ugly like her.
In spite of all that!
Wants teaching us how to handle with the traitors
She is interesting with the fate of
Traitors more than the people

We must get rid of them.
And drag them from their hair. And cut them to pieces
- the traitors!
- yeah. Certainly

And also their relatives, the neighbors
And those whom lend them money

You are ridding of all the people by that!
What the relevance of their relatives, the neighbors
And moneylenders?

Is that from your business?
You are Swedish?

Can you back for a few steps?
A little more.
Go for 3 cm to the left.

Perfect, remain at this position
Raise your head up.
A little down.
Get back.
Another steps to back.
Stay like this.
Show me some smile
Come on!

If you didn't smile I won't shot you.
I don't want.
So I won't shot.