Paradise Now

What the relevance of their relatives, the neighbors
And moneylenders?

Is that from your business?
You are Swedish?

Can you back for a few steps?
A little more.
Go for 3 cm to the left.

Perfect, remain at this position
Raise your head up.
A little down.
Get back.
Another steps to back.
Stay like this.
Show me some smile
Come on!

If you didn't smile I won't shot you.
I don't want.
So I won't shot.
Are you in hurry for it?
Ok. Will be ready tomorrow.
- see you.
- let god with you.

- how are you?
- fine thank you . What about you?

I'm okay.
How is it going with the garage?
- normally.
- I heard that Khaled was fired.

That's right. But he wasn't mistaken
No matter. It's a big achievement
That he still at work for that long period

Remember the tale of martyr Abu Azzam?
He was having a high security sense.

Despite all of that, he was saying
"who afraid of death .Living as dead"

"and who doesn't afraid .It will come
To him suddenly. And won't feel it"

He exhausts the israelian Mossad.
They spent a lot of money
So they can catch him.

Someday when they surrounded him
Knew that his time has come.