Paradise Now

What's wrong? Any problems?
Brought to you car keys.
What? Brought to me the..?
It's now 4:00 AM at the dawn!

I put it at my pocket by mistake.

..might late there..
- Get in.
- What?

- Enter in case you came.
- No, no, I got to go.

Have a tea?
- How much sugar?
- 4 spoons .Please.

You kind of people who like a lot of
Sugar with the tea

It's ok, make it 3
I wondering
Why in Nablus.

Putting a lot of sugar with the tea?
It's not a secret.
Everyone doing that.

What are you doing besides
delivering the cars keys at 4:00 AM?

In your free time.?
Nothing... What do you mean?
Going to the cafe?
Yeah. Sometime smoking Narghilh.
What about sports? Reading?
Visiting The Cinema?
No, there is no cinema in Nablus.
I know that. But have you watched a movie?
Or get in Cinema?

I entered, once before 10 years ago,
We burned Cinema Rivoli.

- burned the cinema?
- not by myself, there were crowd!

What have the cinema done for you?

Not the cinema but Israel!
When decided to prevention the West Bank labors to enter?
..then we went to the roads
Making demonstration...