Paradise Now

Putting a lot of sugar with the tea?
It's not a secret.
Everyone doing that.

What are you doing besides
delivering the cars keys at 4:00 AM?

In your free time.?
Nothing... What do you mean?
Going to the cafe?
Yeah. Sometime smoking Narghilh.
What about sports? Reading?
Visiting The Cinema?
No, there is no cinema in Nablus.
I know that. But have you watched a movie?
Or get in Cinema?

I entered, once before 10 years ago,
We burned Cinema Rivoli.

- burned the cinema?
- not by myself, there were crowd!

What have the cinema done for you?

Not the cinema but Israel!
When decided to prevention the West Bank labors to enter?
..then we went to the roads
Making demonstration...

After that we get into the cinema
Destroyed it then burned it.

Why the cinema exactly?
Why us?
Have no idea.
Anyone cans watch film by the video.
- That's mean you watching movies!
- yeah, sometimes.

What the most type you like?
What the most type you like?
Don't be silly

Means. Kinds of movies
Like action, comedy

..musical, drama
There is a lot...

Is there boring kind?
Boring? Like what?
Like the life.
That's incredible.
I don't think you got
A bored life.

Know what?
Your life could be more than
Just a minimalist movie.

God protect you!