Paradise Now

After that we get into the cinema
Destroyed it then burned it.

Why the cinema exactly?
Why us?
Have no idea.
Anyone cans watch film by the video.
- That's mean you watching movies!
- yeah, sometimes.

What the most type you like?
What the most type you like?
Don't be silly

Means. Kinds of movies
Like action, comedy

..musical, drama
There is a lot...

Is there boring kind?
Boring? Like what?
Like the life.
That's incredible.
I don't think you got
A bored life.

Know what?
Your life could be more than
Just a minimalist movie.

God protect you!
Are you really Abu Azzam's daughter?
They said he was a hero.

You must be a proud of him.
Maybe is good to be alive
Than been proud of him

But with his favor and the struggle
Our issue still alive.

There is more than way
To still alive

We don't decide this...
The occupation decide the space
Have human and struggle.

But there is ways for struggle
But in spit of that...
We have to admit that we are weak concerning
The military forces. To create another ways

Admit in weakness? Pay for the defeat
Of our ancestor?

Accept the injustice?
Looks like talking in this,
Doesn't work!

Will I see you soon?