Paradise Now

We selected all ways to rid of occupation
:28:04 peaceful way or political way.
But the occupation continued
..and building the colonies
And confiscation the lands and water.

.Judaization Jerusalem
And the racial purging.

Their superiority in military
And their political power

..and the economic one..
..directed against us to submit us for accepting their even.
Either to accept in inferiority
And Jewish project nor to be killed.

As I am martyr
I don't fear from death.

I canceled by that
Their threatened.

..And surpass over their military & political powers .
So. Welcome 1000 times in martyrdom.
My dear father and mother,..
..I'm regret to farewell you by this way.
But we'll meet again soon.
So farewell.
And testify that there is no god but Allah
And Mohamed the prophet of god.

May god success me.
How was it?
I didn't record anything there is wrong
In power supply.

It's Ok! Please one more
From the beginning

In the name of merciful god.
- God said in his holy book
- wait, hold on.

It didn't work.
- What?!
- Calm down man!

By the way, you got another
Opportunity to say it in better way.