Paradise Now

And testify that there is no god but Allah
And Mohamed the prophet of god.

May god success me.
How was it?
I didn't record anything there is wrong
In power supply.

It's Ok! Please one more
From the beginning

In the name of merciful god.
- God said in his holy book
- wait, hold on.

It didn't work.
- What?!
- Calm down man!

By the way, you got another
Opportunity to say it in better way.

In the name of merciful god.
"If you were hit by calamity
The people have the same thing also"
"and these days alternate it between the..
Mother before I get forget.
..I have seen water filters at mayor.
It's best and cheapens than Kanaze's filter.
Buy it from him next time.
You want to record that?
No! But I forget to say that to my mother
I'm sorry.