Qian li zou dan qi

that it would be an opportunity...
for Ken-ichi and I to speak to each other...
and to improve our relationship.
Hence I have come to Tokyo.
You must be surprised at the changes...
in Tokyo overthe past 10 years.
Ken-ichi has been unwell for awhile.
He's suffering from stomach pain.
It often disturbs him at night.
He hasn't been diagnosed yet.
Excuse me.
Give me a moment.
I'll tell Ken-ichi you're here.
He doesn't knowthat you've come.
Father is here to see you.
Why don't you let him in?
He's come a long wayto see you.
Why should I see him?
Who asked him to come?
Did you?
I never said I wanted to see him.
Please don't talk like this.