Qian li zou dan qi

"Lingo, how is everything going?"
Just a second.
Are you Li Jiamin?
"Lingo, I told you we onlywanted Li."
It doesn't have to be Li.
Other actors can also play Lord Guan.
No way. MrTakata onlywants Li Jiamin.
If he insists on Li...
there will be no showtoday.
Why not?
"Look, Li enjoys a drink ortwo..."
which is usuallyfine.
"Then, during a rehearsal..."
a stage hand mentioned...
he had a bastard son.
This upset him so much...
that he grabbed awooden dagger...
and stabbed the guy in the face.
He was arrested...
and sentenced to 3 years in prison.
Please tell him...
it doesn't have to be Li Jiamin performing.
All the actors are very good.
Once the mask is on...
it doesn't matterwho is behind it.
No-one can tell the difference.
Even a native can't tell...
the difference between the voices.
So how could a Japanese person?
Does it really have to be Li?
His son wanted to film Li.
He is making this film for his son.
No-one else will do.
But Li Jiamin is in prison...
for 3 years.
Even if he behaves well...
and becomes a model prisoner...
he won't be released for ayear ortwo.
Takata should come back.
There will be other chances.
The show is always playing.