Qian li zou dan qi

Ms Translator.
I want to make two points.
"Firstly, Li didn't register a legal marriage..."
before his son was born.
We all accept that...
Yang Yang is Li's son.
This is point one.
at 8 years of age the boy...
nowfinds he's got afather.
Li's sudden interest is hard to believe...
and is confusing for everyone.
Please translate this for him.
It's me.
I totally understand...
their reservations.
"l never said ""no"" on this matter."
Lingo can't speak aword of Japanese.
MrTakata needed to know...
ourfeelings on the subject.
Now he really understands...
we are very relieved.
We have no more issues.
"After much discussion,we give our consent..."
to let the boy go. Not for Li's sake...
but forthe sake of our Japanese friend.
Yang Yang can visit his father...
with MrTakatatomorrow.
Yang Yang.
This is Yang Yang.