Qian li zou dan qi

Why are we going to the roof?
You can get a stronger signal.
My son has made calls from up here before.
Who is MrTakata calling?
"Jasmine, atranslatorfrom Kunming."
Isn't that yourjob?
Are you sure you speak Japanese?
Of course I do.
The issue is so important...
we need to get atrue professional.
I'm sorry.
I don't understand what is being said.
Can you translate for me?
Thank you.
Ms Translator.
I want to make two points.
"Firstly, Li didn't register a legal marriage..."
before his son was born.
We all accept that...
Yang Yang is Li's son.
This is point one.
at 8 years of age the boy...
nowfinds he's got afather.
Li's sudden interest is hard to believe...
and is confusing for everyone.
Please translate this for him.
It's me.
I totally understand...
their reservations.
"l never said ""no"" on this matter."
Lingo can't speak aword of Japanese.
MrTakata needed to know...
ourfeelings on the subject.
Now he really understands...