Okay, Roy McCormick fan or not, you gotta
admit, the guy is a Cinderella story.

He grows up without two nickels
to rub together, and look at him now.

He's led Ohio Polytech
to three championships.

He is one of the best coaches
in college basketball.

And he's also the best paid,
but let's be realistic.

Coach Roy has not won
in, what, forever.

In my opinion, he's more interested in
endorsements than winning basketball games.

It's that simple.
Hey! Hi.
I'm Coach Roy.

When I get hot under the collar...
I cool off with Cool Breeze.
See, Coach Roy is slippin',
because right now...

his best statistic on the season-
eight technical fouls in his last eight games.

That's hardly championship coaching.
You ate eight hamburgers at lunch.
Look, the fact is this.
Roy has lost touch with the fundamentals...

and he's also
lost touch with his team.