Y'all can take some pictures, but I'm not gonna
be able to sign any autographs right now.

As you can see,
I'm very busy.

Roy better get his stuff together,
because otherwise, he'll be coaching at DeVry.

And they don't even have a basketball team.
And that's the joke, see?
Okay, guys, real important game today.
I need you to be 100%.
Unfortunately, I can't be there. I'm doin'
a photo shoot for Details magazine.

It's gonna run late. I'll be there
at halftime, and you'd better not lose...

because losing makes me look bad.
Coach Roy cannot be happy right now, Jack.
His team has a lot of work to do,
and not much time to do it.

It is crunch time.
This is where we're gonna find out...

what these two teams
and their coaches are really made of.